TheraSauna Offers Medical Relief

Have you been searching for a simple and effective health solution to a condition that you have?  Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • arthritis

  • bursitis

  • mirgraines

  • lower back pain

  • rheumatism

  • fibromyalgia

TheraSuana features infrared heat that penetrates the skin and offers relief to the above conditions.  

Sensational benefits

In addition to improving many medical afflictions, TheraSauna is also beneficial to several areas of the body.  Infrared heat can improve the immune and cardiovascular systems, remove harmful toxins from the body, burn calories, increase circulation, reduce muscle spasms, improve skin tone, and even help you lose weight.

A Proven, Patented System

ThersaSauna is backed by patented technology, and is endorsed and recommended by many medical practitioners familiar with the product.  ThersaSauna has a patented MPS touchview control and the Stable Heat technology allows the sauna to stay in optimal infrared levels for an extended period of time, meaning a more beneficial experience!

Try Therasuana

Stop in today and feel the difference for yourself!  Infrared heat penetrates the skin directly, not the air, so no special clothing is necessary.

hair and beauty salons

TheraSauna Sessions:

1 session: $35

3 sessions: $80

10 sessions: $250

​2 weeks unlimited $100

1 month unlimited: $150

3 months unlimited: $300

All Sessions must be paid in full up front

All Sessions expire one year after date of purchase